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Dreaming Summit 2020-2021

Message from Mrs. Lewis:

Hello Bulldog Family!

This closes my 6th year as your principal.  Although these last two years were incredibly hard, I know that we are all stronger because of the resiliency of our kids and the extraordinary capabilities and resolve of our staff and parents.  Thank you for all your trust, understanding and encouragement. I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing summer!

P.S. Don’t forget to keep reading!

Stay safe, keep your head up and continue to support and encourage each other.

Mrs. Lewis

Important Dates:

May 20: 5th Grade Promotion Parade

May 21: Last Day of School


It’s never too late to help! Contact our PTSA for more information.

The Power of 10 Minutes

From Becky Bailey: Does this sound familiar? You give your son a consequence: “Chris, if you don’t clean your room, you may not use the computer. ” Chris snaps, “I don’t care!” Hold off on reacting with an aggressive, “You better start caring!” or passively caving in to your child’s distress. Instead, consider that “I don’t care” is a signal that your child needs you; that he doesn’t feel cared for. If you are prone to showing upset, breathe and see “I don’t care” as information about your child’s wellbeing. If you are likely to buckle, breathe and remember to stay firm on the “no computer” consequence. Then, to help your child through “I don’t care,” carve out extra time together to heal your relationship. Spend time doing activities that are fun for you both. Reconnect and be present with your child. You cannot buy your way out of “I don’t care” with gifts, nor can you punish it away by removing privileges. The single greatest motivation for a child to behave comes from family relationships, so work to keep them healthy. Do I Love You Rituals with younger children, carve out private time doing things they enjoy with your older children, start putting love notes in backpacks, and enjoy family meals together as often as possible. Your loving presence will provide the long-term solution to “I don’t care.”

*Consider a goal of spending at least 10 minutes of uninterrupted time each day with a family member this week.

*Check out LESD’s virtual Safe Place for Self-Regulation and De-Escalation

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