Principal's Message

Image of Principal Michelle Hill






Dear Bulldog Families,

Welcome to the 2024-2025 school year! I hope this letter finds you refreshed and ready for an exciting year of growth and discovery. We look forward to welcoming our Bulldogs back to campus on August 1st! This year, our school-wide theme is "Reaching for the Stars," which encapsulates our commitment to helping every student aim high and achieve their fullest potential. Our "Reaching for the Stars" theme is more than just a catchy phrase. It represents our dedication to: 1. Setting ambitious goals: We'll encourage students to dream big and set challenging yet achievable academic and personal goals. 2. Fostering curiosity and exploration: Like astronomers exploring the cosmos, we'll nurture our students' natural curiosity and love for learning. 3. Embracing challenges: Just as space missions require problem-solving and perseverance, we'll teach students to view challenges as opportunities for growth. 4. Celebrating diversity: Our students, like stars, shine in their unique ways. We'll continue to value and celebrate the diversity that makes our school community special. 5. Collaboration: Like a space crew working together, we'll emphasize teamwork and collaborative learning. 

How You Can Support Your Child: 1. Encourage star-gazing: Both literal and figurative. Help your child identify their "stars" – goals they want to reach this year. 2. Foster a growth mindset: Remind your child that like space exploration, learning often involves setbacks before success. 3. Create a learning-friendly environment: Designate a quiet, well-lit area for homework and reading. 4. Stay involved: Attend school events, read school communications, and maintain open dialogue with teachers. 5. Celebrate efforts and progress: Acknowledge your child's hard work, not just their achievements. 

We're excited to embark on this cosmic journey of education with you and your children. Together, we'll reach for the stars and unlock the vast potential within each student. Here's to a stellar year ahead! 

Warm regards,

Mrs. Hill