Pick up and Drop off

The Dreaming Summit HOA, Maricopa Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Maricopa Sheriffs department are all working in partnership with the school to develop a smoother drop off/pick up zone.  They would like to remind you that it is ILLEGAL to park, pause, or stand at the curb with your car north of school grounds.  We have been noticing students exiting their transportation into the streets, not crossing at crosswalks, and vehicles making u-turns in the middle of the road.  These actions could result in a traffic citation.  Please review the school safety plan for the parking lot located below.

We are trying to make our school the safest place for children.

Dreaming Summit Elementary
School Parking Lot Safety

The front parking lot is our bus bay.  Cars are not permitted in loading zones.

The back parking lot is often crowded. In an effort to make the parking lot safer for our students, we are asking all persons coming to drop students off or pick students up observe the following guidelines:

  • When entering the parking lot, do not drive over cones or other barriers. These are designed to protect students.
  • When leaving the parking lot please make a right hand turn on to Missouri. Please do not make a left turn as this backs up traffic. Do not make a u-turn in the parking lot or on the street.
  • Stay to the far right nearest the curb if you are going to pick-up or drop-off. Do not leave your car parked by the curb. The pick-up/drop-off lane is NO PARKING!
  • Do not stop in the left lane of the parking lot. This is for through traffic only. Students should never be picked up or dropped off in the left lane of the parking lot. This is extremely dangerous as cars are pulling out to leave via this lane.
  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended for any length of time unless parked in a designated parking spot.
  • The bus bay is for buses only. Unauthorized vehicles should NOT be in the bus bay while buses are at the curb.
  • Instruct your child to be waiting and watching for you. All students must wait up on the sidewalks near the parent drop-off/ pick-up area where staff members can supervise them.
  • Students taking day care or other programs’ vans will wait in the designated area. A staff member will wait until the vans have arrived and loaded the children.
  • Do not park in handicap spaces without proper decal.
  • Please do not honk your horn. If your child does not see you, please step outside your car door to get your child’s attention.