Dreaming Summit new teachers' first day at LESD
Dreaming Summit school building
5th Grade Teachers celebrate A Letter grade.
Dreaming Summit Staff Photo 2023-2024
Pictures of teachers during pre-service training.
Image of %22A%22 Rated School Sign with District and School staff

Dreaming Summit Elementary School

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We are,
Determined to do our best,
Responsible for our school family,
Engaged in learning,
A model of support, and
Mindful of our actions.  
With pride we will say, that's the Bulldog way!



At Dreaming Summit, we are dedicated to building an environment that focuses on responsibility, respect, and safety.  We maintain high expectations for achievement and citizenship through best practices, effort and collaboration.

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Meals will be provided to all children, ages 18 and under, without a charge. Adults 19 and older can purchase meals. 

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